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Can some one tell me if she sold the pictures or anything to do with the wedding to a magazine or anything as she is now apparently bored of him.

Makes me think she didn't get the attention and money she was hoping for.
Not heard owt yet sun.But I think the big celebratory bash being planned will be the money spinner if some dopey mag coughs up enough cash. It is being organised by dumb & dumber. The DIY bloke & his partner--- so it ought to be ever so tasteful in the manner of that Kenny Everett lady Cupid Stunt.I predict hearts,lots of pink,glitter,poss fancy dress or tackily themed.And gay strippers natch.
In those lounger pictures it looks like her bum & front bot are chewing up her bikini bottoms.Greedy little devils .And the fun bags are utterly horrendous. What on God's earth does she see when she looks at those humungous freaks in the mirror ?
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