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Rowan Hedge
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Matt Baker at a country show, what a tool and will forever be known as the guy who is the C*** in the country.

Helen Skelton, for those who have not heard of her then you are very fortunate, dim blue Peter presenter once upon a time, not very articulate away from cameras and is very dense and ignorant. She farts like a horse that has had something crawl up its ass and die.

Cilla Black, eaten in the same restaurant as her, vile nasty disgusting woman, the way she treated the waitress was not acceptable, if I was her and had that attitude then I'd never ever eat out again.

Joan Collins, very nice made sure we were treated to a free meal after we graciously gave away our table for her and her guest, and ensured a note expressing her thanks was sent round to the hotel.

Cherrie Blair, vile excuse for a woman, saw her spit on the back of a young girls head at a charity function back in 2008, again if I was her I'd never eat/have drink out ever again.

Sir Roger Moore, don't give respect to those that have titles normally but for this gent I do, saw his one man show, witty, charming and attentive to all.
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