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Having known someone who has been through similar experiences, I think it is perhaps uncomfortably realistic. I alerted her to the programme and hope she doesn't find it hitting a raw nerve, although I think she will appreciate the fact that it is has been written based on true-life experiences. The dialogue is acutely observed, as are the the scribbled overlays from the diary. Rae's "best friend" seems to act appallingly (if unintentionally), but is there anybody who hasn't known somebody exactly like that?
I think her best friend (name has completely gone from my head!) is incredibly realistic, based on personal experience of being a teenage girl in that era (although I think you'd find those dynamics in any era.) My friends at the time were exactly the same, as I'm sure I was - we were all nice enough girls but there were occassions when we were downright mean to one another simply to make ourselves feel better. That didn't mean we weren't friends, but often the friends you have in school aren't the ones you keep later on in life, because it's such a strange, awkward time and there are things you did back then that you'd rather not be reminded of once you've had time to mature.

Honestly, I think this is one of the best depictions of teen life that I've ever seen in a TV show. I wish it was getting more attention because it's so accurate and well done.
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