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Their whole relationship is a publicity stunt. They were put together to keep the bands in the public eye. This 'cheating' scandal is to to reinforce zayn as the bad boy.
I really agree. It's not that I think he's incapable or an some full-time innocent. I just think the story is odd.

The girl claims she met him and not one of his friends told her who he was and she didn't recognise him? She didn't question why a kid takes her back to a 2.2 million pad? She didn't think to ask him beforehand if he had a girlfriend and only 'saw' a female's items in his house afterwards?

Then she goes right on over to the nearest tabloid newspaper with her supposed pictures and sells her story, poses provocatively (because as a waitress, where did The Sun get that picture of her draped over a couch from?) and then ends up in the Daily Mail in booties and crop pants looking as if she is touting for business from passing motorists (by those pictures).

If this story is a deflection for other reasons, then so be it. If it's true, then just.... The tabloids are as usual feeding and pushing the drama so the truth (if there is any) will be lost by very dim and mud-filled waters and baying teen psycho fans taking sides.

One D's sales have apparently gone down because of it (dubious source though: the Star). Though this may be no more than a fluctuation that will readjust itself later on. One D is so hyped up across all media it's hard to know with them what's truth and fiction (I suspect the latter way way more to be honest!).
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