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You're definitely NOT supposed to sit down and think tabloid stories out (just take sides, or spit chips about morality and buy a paper or hit the website) but when you think it through you realise just how oddly staged or surreal several of these kinds of stories appear when you scratch the surface.

I have no dog in this fight re: it being him or not. It'd be his life, his choices if so. I just don't trust this fandom or One D's own PR 100%. Their fans are dreadful, their PR/management is almost as bad. I wouldn't even put it past them if it was an inside job! Everything around them is so tightly-controlled. Of course he might just like dropping his pants.

At the end of the day it won't matter, his loyal fans will rally round and both Little Mix and One D will gain notoriety, sympathy and buzz in equal measure. It will all move concert tickets and merchandise come what may.
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