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From Popbitch:

>> Dick move <<
Apologising, Madeley style

Now Richard Madeley has no big
TV show to air his thoughts, he
seems to have taken to using his
column in the Sunday Express to
get up people's noses. A quick
run-down of his week:

1) Write fist-shaking,
vein-popping column titled "Risking
A Baby's Life For Lunch" about how
lazy and thoughtless paramedics are
for occasionally needing to eat and
piss and breathe. Berate a specific
ambulance service who helped save
the life of a baby.

2) When your piece is reduced to
rubble by people who actually knew
the facts of the case, see the story
pulled from the Express website.

3) Publish a follow-up piece a week
later. Claim follow-up piece is
"no mealy-mouthed apology".

4) Fail to actually say sorry.

5) Act like the rant against
ambulance crews was actually a
rant championing ambulance crews
("hearing their stories it's a
wonder they don't all hand in
their badges...") Forget to point
out that those stories were largely
complaints from medics saying your
story was a load of balls. Or from
the baby's family, who were
shocked at the piece.

Richard Madeley uses Andrex toilet paper
with added aloe vera.
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