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Indeed - though for me, what's been said (and I laid myself open to it) does back up my point about Helen. Because the thing is that me and my parents are perfectly happy with things as they are, regardless of what posters here might think of it. Similiarly, the discussion of Helen's domestic situation and her abilities at housework, or the lack of them, are really no-one's business but hers and her familys, and the fact that they don't follow what other people regard as normal doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them or that Helen and her parents don't find them satisfactory.
I think you're really missing the point here. Whether that's because you identify with Helen and see nothing wrong with her wilful helplessness, or you're being deliberately obtuse, I'm not sure? It's not how inept she is that's the issue, it's the way she seems to revel in it and make it such a part of her public persona. There's nothing remotely clever or interesting about being dim-witted and inept. And yet she seems to use it as a primary selling point.

If she had something of substance to compensate for this ineptness she seems to wallow in, then fine, it would show that it's not her sole raison d'Ítre. But she doesn't! Or, if she does, she makes no attempt to reveal the substance behind the dimwit. As it is, all 'Helen Flanagan' conjures up is an inept, navel-gazing idiot who reacts only to criticism of the inept, navel-gazing Helen Flanagan that she goes out of her way to present herself as.
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