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The Express kept that quiet, yep links to the article gone but here's one of the comments that were left

B]Shame on you, Richard and DE editors
Published: Tuesday January 15,2013 by Hjo295

What a horrible situation for the family to be in but NOT the paramedics' fault! I echo other people on here about the ridiculous call outs that paramedics have to attend when emergency cases are then delayed treatment. Richard Madeley is an idiot for this article and I have submitted my complaint to the PCC for the inaccuracies it contained. Perhaps he'd like to leave his mansion and cushti life for a night shift with some of our brave, selfless medical staff? Actually no, don't do that, Richard.... People really needing an ambulance don't want some jumped up **** who can't think before he opens his mouth/picks up his pen in attendance. Shame on the Daily Express for printing this article. But pretty much the type of pathetic article to be expected from a tabloid.
Madeley out Partridge's Partridge..what a burke, and he bangs on as how he's a trained serious journalist?

No doubt the Express will demand heads should roll that Madeley should be sacked immediately, that the Editor should also go and the paper's owner should donate ALL the profits from his health lottery to the ambulance service.

Then again they'll probably pretend it never happened.
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