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Puppet Master has recently been given a better release with audio commentary exclusive to the UK, released by a new company called 88Films:

(Just in case you didn't know)
But I already own a Puppet Master Boxset.

Dog Soldiers is a fine little Brit Horror and the werewolves looked actually quite good to me.

Jacob's Ladder - May or may not be classed as a horror depending on your interpretation but I think it's complex character makes it a great "Horror" movie. It's believed to have partly inspired the Silent Hill games.

Maniac Cop
The Prince of Darkness
Deadly Friend
Hansel &Gretel (Not the Hollywood version)
Near Dark
House (1986 Steve Miner)
The Company of Wolves
The Gate
Don't be afraid of the Dark 1973

Edit: I remember quite an old film that was like an anthology and one of the stories involved someone being walled in with a cat. And I think a cat was the running theme through the anthology. It's not Cat's Eyes. It's older then that. Not The Black Cat I don't think. But it's certainly not a new film. Might have been 70's or 60's. Think it was in black and white.
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