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Enjoying it so much that you prefer to not watch it and post on here ?
Laptops are a great new invention and multi tasking is a skill . .
Exactly, PinkPetunia - it's a long time since typing/using a computer and watching TV have had to be mutually exclusive activities!

mary was so very lucky that she wasnt affected more by her Polio

I had to stop watching because I broke down when I saw the little girl in the walker and the iron lung, it brought back far too many memories for me

hubby recorded it and said I should watch it a little at a time
Great programme I love Mary and she seems such a lovely lady . I always presumed Mary had arthrites in her hand and was very interested in the polio connection ,
I knew she had contracted polio when she was young after i heard her on

I watched her carefully after I listened to that and I did notice how she held utensils and how one side was weaker than the other

Although Polio is almost eradicated there is a kick in the teeth for a lot of polio victims which is Post Polio Syndrome
after years of being as well as you can be you can lose all that was gained after the virus first hit

after getting out of calipers, iron lungs and walking frames and living a full life you can go back into splints and wheel chairs quicker than greased lightening
I also thought it was arthritis before I googled her a few months ago to find out more. I'm aware this might sound a bit 'odd', but in some ways I'm pleased it isn't arthritis - my mother-in-law has arthritis in her hands and can't use either of them any more. I can't imagine what Mary would do if she couldn't cook any more as she clearly gets such pleasure out of it. So that's what I mean by 'pleased it's not arthritis.

I was also going to mention 'post-polio', but you did it far better than I could. Two friends (of Mary's age) both had polio when younger, and now it has returned to varying degrees in both, one more severe than the other (according to where the polio hit them originally). One of them is now sadly permanently in a wheelchair because of weakness in her legs which has returned to such a degree she can no longer walk; the other has to support his arm in a sling and can't lift anything because all the strength has gone in it (although he tries not to wear the sling all the time). I wonder if Mary is sometimes battling post-polio more than she cares to let on in public - I've read one interview with her recently in which she alludes to it if you read between the lines - but she clearly has no time for feeling sorry for herself and is just grateful and lucky to have had a happy and active life.

Boring woman boring show jiust one big borefest.....does not warrant 5mins let alone 2 eps!!
Well, you know what they say - only boring people get bored! (Or find things excessively boring!) So it might say more about you than it does about Mary and this programme!

It was worth watching for the polio information (we forget what a scourge it was in our age of immunisation - my friends who had it say it was feared more than death in many ways by their generation) and also for an interesting social history lesson of what life was like for a family like Mary's at that time - girls had almost no hope of a career in anything other than 'girly'/domestic things! Whilst none of that information was new to most of us, I'm sure, it was still interesting to hear Mary's take on those things in her own words.

And I'd have LOVED Mary's job teaching people how to use the new-fangled electric ovens! I'm in heaven if I'm allowed to be 'domestic' (working as a teacher is a terrible inconvenience, lol!). My friends laugh at me for my chore charts and addiction to ironing - in fact, some of them hate ironing so much they pay me to do theirs! I was offered something similar to Mary's oven job two years ago - teaching adults how to shop, plan menus and cook for themselves with basic bedsit equipment (so a two-ring hob and microwave, but usually no oven) when usually they spent all their money on ready-meals. I'd have been in heaven with Mary's equivalent though - she even got a car!!

Can't wait for part 2!
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