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Here's an incomplete list.
No Murchison this year.
I just looked at the list - this isn't pertinent to anyone's skill, but I couldn't help but notice the chef from the Kingham Plough near Chipping Norton. I was born and brought up in Chippy, but I've NEVER heard it being described as being in the 'south west' of the country! For God's sake, it's almost in the middle and only an hour from Birmingham on the M40! Isn't that 'the midlands' or 'central'? It is according to local ITV news, anyway!

Sorry, completely irrelevant to anything important, but it's ridiculous how programmes like this divide up the country! Makes me feel homesick, though - and I will be even more the week that heat is on! I spent half of my childhood at my best friend's house which backs on to The Plough - it used to just be 'a pub my Dad drank in', nothing special, but now so many 'famous' people live nearby obviously someone saw a gap in the market, and good on them. But to me it'll always be the pub we huddled in to keep warm when we went to Bonfire Night on Kingham Village green when I was a child!

So I'm not the only one who didn't know about this new series. I thought I just hadn't been paying enough attention to BBC trailers and schedules.
I missed the start too - had no idea it was on. Will have to catch up on iplayer
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