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I am in that period where I can't seem to get the motivation to play. I received 4 new games at Christmas but I really am not interested in playing any of them.

I turn my Xbox on and maybe play for 5 minutes then get bored again. I seem to remember having a similar problem a few years ago but I cant remember what the problem was.

Does anyone else go through phases of playing a lot, then not wanting to play at all?
To be honest, I think the real issue here is that you see it as a problem. It isn't.

Gaming can be an incredibly insular hobby and if you don't combine it with other interests, its appeal will naturally wane. It isn't a job, you don't have to force yourself to fire up the launcher every day. But knowing you could or should be doing other things that are perhaps more constructive will add to dissatisfaction in your gaming habits. There should be only one return from the time the spend gaming and that is enjoyment. If you aren't getting that return then do something else instead.
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