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Well if Des O'Connor can marry someone 37 years younger, why not?
I don't think Freddy should be placed in the same group as Savile and others who have messed with little kids, including ones in care. It's wrong for the papers to say that someone has been arrested by the 'Savile Police', when what they've done is touch a woman's bum (DLT). Freddy has been accused of trying to grope a 14 year old girl, who may have looked 16, (see pic ) when he was 31. If he did, he shouldn't have but it doesn't make him a kiddy fiddler.
How I hate that expression 'kiddy fiddler'. It makes it sound like abuse is some sort of perverted 'joke'.

Des O'Connor isn't in the same position that Starr's in, in that Starr allegedly groped a 14 year old girl. Marrying a girl half his age when he's implicated in that kind of conduct doesn't look good.
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