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Back in the heyday of VHS, I never used to buy pirated content of anything, because you did get inferior viewing on video. I had a video collection to rival HMV.......

Imagine how I feel now, knowing how much money that collection cost me, and also knowing that they are now all barely even watchable. I put one on not long ago, before I finally put my VCR to rest, and the quality of it was as bad as any pirate copy of anything I'd ever seen. AND it was "a genuine first generation copy." I was gutted! And now the entire lot of them are all in my loft, as I can't even sell them.

Now, I refuse to buy anything. As many have pointed out, the alternative methods of getting to watch things things days are pretty perfect, and lets face it, a few years ago they were saying that DVD was as clear as it could get. Now they say that about Blu-Ray. But it really is just a matter of time before both these formats become obselete also, so why bother shelling out the money to buy them, when eventually, you won't even be able to buy the means by which to play them!

Technology is moving way too fast. The alternatives, at least, move as fast as tech does. True, they don't have the "shelf appeal" that my video collection used to have, but at least I don't feel like an idiot anymore when looking at them sitting there, reminding me of how much money I've wasted, over the years.
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