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Think of the worst film you've ever seen. Start digging underneath that until you get to the 7th layer of hell. Find a chair made of razorblades and spikes and sit down. To make sure you don't move, tie yourself down with barbed wire and then get someone to hammer rusty nails into your eyes.

Then, get them to pour red hot chilli sauce over your genitals.

That experience would be slightly more enjoyable than this film...

However ..

I counted four parts that made me laugh. The first one being the sketch about the children inside the machines. I thought that was really quite clever and did laugh.

The second being at the end of the sketch with Seann William Scott and (a very, very haggard looking) Johnny Knoxville. When they went into the room with the fairy and she said "I suck dick for gold coins", I laughed at that - obviously after seeing the giant cauldron of gold coins in the previous scene

The third being the sketch about the basketball team. Cliched, yes, but actually did wear me down in the end and I did find myself laughing.

The last part was the outtake of the Scott/Knoxville sketch where the fairy said her line and Johnny Knoxville said "So do I"

That was it. The rest of it was just horrible. I nearly walked out during the period sketch. Don't really know why I stayed.
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