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I wish the word cancer was dropped from the medical dictionary.

Lots of people get cancer, some have a severe form and die a long painful slow horrible death, others die very quickly in little pain and others make a full recovery.

The word is used as a catch all, might as well say someone is "ill" - means nothing.
Are you saying that the word "Cancer" means nothing? It means a lot more than being "ill" ... Cancer may be a catch all for all the various different types that there are but it is a serious condition/illness. My aunt had a rare kind that couldn't be operated on. I saw her in hospital and in a hospice. It was probably the most upsetting thing I have seen so far in my life... I have seen my Nan, my mum, uncle, cousins break down in tears, I have cried my eyes out to my partner. I can assure you, the word Cancer does not mean "nothing"
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