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Agree, exactly that. He may not come across as, or be, a particularly pleasant person but he hasn't been accused of anything other than the above and, in the scheme of things, it's hardly much of a crime, is it? And what on earth the age of the woman he's just married has to do with him once upon a time behaving like an obnoxious boor is beyond me. I really dislike how dislike of someone throws logic and objectivity out the window. An arse and a boor he may be but he should never have been tarnished with the Savile brush.
It's really bad tarring these others with the same brush, and I mean by that DLT (who wasn't even allowed to defend himself even with the paparazzi at his gate, because it was going to court) and even Jim Davidson - I know he's disliked, but I heard that the reason he was dragged in was to do with 2 grown women - as soon as SAVILE POLICE is mentioned people start adding 2+2 to make 4, when 4 might not be the right answer (you know what I mean, couldn't think of a good analogy there)
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