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Over the weekend I picked up the 3rd Family Guy Star Wars special from CEX.

I put the DVD on last night and was met by a annoying copyright video the DVD player basically forced me to watch. Now in the ad they claimed that if you buy a DVD from the shops the picture and sound is perfect. Ok fair enough.

They claim if you buy a Pirate copy the sound is horrible and the picture gets fuzzy and wavey lines. Where exactly do they get this info from? About 7 years when I was at college there was a guy who would always get Pirate copies of films and to be fair none of them had that bad stuff that film companies make out. The DVD was just like a DVD picture should be and the picture was crisp.

So why do they make these BS assumptions?
Want to know something even more bizarre?

Not only are pirated copies often perfect (if they source a DVD or something HD, its the same quility), but you never get them annoying un-skipable adds either.

Same with video games, the legal versions often have DRM (things that get in the way of playing the game) whilst the pirated copy doesnt have any such problems.

I remember buying Grand Theft Auto 4 for PC on steam, and I had to install 4 other applications and set up two more accounts just to play. So I downloaded a copy of a torrent site just so I could play without any issues. I already paid for the game so no harm, I just wanted to play the damn thing.
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