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I'm not really sure what your trying to say? As a cancer survivor I can tell you that for those lucky enough to, in your opinion, "make a full recovery" the scars heal and the cancer is gone but the fear of return and the pain of what was the darkest, most uncertain time of my life will never leave. The word Cancer does not mean "nothing". Not for those who survived it, not to someone fighting it and not to those who have lost someone to it.

I wish JK all the best, he has no doubt come through this stronger than he could have imagined.

Isn't science awesome!
Totally agree. I am receiving pallative care for my cancer. I dunno what lies ahead for me and it is frightening. I'd never wish this on anyone. For those who do survive it, I imagine there will always be that fear of it returning, paranoia that any illness is a sign its back.
I wish Jeremy all the best for the future.
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