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He always struck me as lecherous in a Benny Hill kind of way. You know ,chasing ladies round & round,and lets be honest ,many 16 yr olds look older.
But yes,I'd say the wedding is a damage limitation thing & I doubt it would have happened (baby or not) if this hadn't blown up .
Re him being skint. I don't agree,I think him very wealthy . He does the gigs to keep his hand in (no pun intended there). At a rate of just one a fortnight they won't be too taxing on his health & would allow him loads of down time at home between them.
In an article I read he said he was selling the house because it felt violated now due to the police searches. Nothing about finances.
Anyway all this wife needs to do is hang in there for her rewards because he looks dreadful & ready to expire.
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