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If only more women could grow old gracefully as Mary Berry has. Still you you can't make a silk purse out of a Sour's ear can you?
I see so many hags walking around where a bit of grooming wouldn't go amiss but the trouble, that cannot easily be rectified, is the terrible speech and grammar that issues from their mouths when they speak. I suppose a lot is due to the genes however.
I'm not so sure that it's genes where speech and grammar is concerned, that's down to whoever it was who taught those people to speak in the first place.

You do, however, have a point about the grooming, or lack of it, and it does appear to follow a pattern. I'd best not say any more but there is a section of society who all seem to look alike, greasy hair scraped back into a thin ponytail, overweight and wearing tight leggings with a short top that emphasises the rolls of Michelin Man fat.

Now, back to Mary Berry. What a lovely programme and what a lovely lady. I was given a cookbook written by Mary when I was married in 1966 and I still refer to it forty-odd years on. I'm looking forward to next Tuesday's programme when we see her rise to fame through the wonders of television.

I thank The Great British Bake Off for giving her a further chance to reach the general public, the younger ones who weren't around when she first hit our screens. I also thank her for introducing me to Paul Hollywood. Am I jealous of you, Mary Berry? You bet your sweet bippy that I am!!
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