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Don't you believe it. Ever heard of the saying 'where's there's a hit, there's a writ'? Ever heard of the unbelievable hassles people like Sting, The Kinks, Wham and George Micheal etc had to go through when they actually impertinently asked for some of their money, only to discover that they had f**k all because of various contractual clauses. It's great PR to have the teenyboppers believe their heroes and heroines are in the clover but it usually ain't true at all. It's one thing for an agent/manager to buy his/her clients a spanking new Mercedes (which he gets to write off as a business expense), but quite another to hand out the lolly his clients think was legally theirs. There are an awful lot of lawyers who got and are getting quite rich representing pop and rock stars who thought they were rich. Sad, but very, very true. Plus ca change, plus ...
There's hardly any money in the music business for artists unless they write/produce their own songs. Obviously there's ticket sales, merchandise, commercials etc, but the actual artist comes out with very little in the end.

I remember an interview with someone out of S Club 7, who were huuuuge at the time, and had constant tours/clothing ranges/dolls/tv shows and they said they had only earned 7,000 during their entire time in the band.
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