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I've stuck up for Ulrika in the past but I remember that and it was a nasty thing to write. Vorders has taken some flak in her time but she always seems to come out smiling and with her chin up. Kathryn Apanowicz, Richard's partner used to be on TV a fair bit but seems to have settled for a quieter life and obviously Carol was the first person the media turned to for comments about his death. If it was okay for Kathryn for Carol to 'front' the comments and reflections, then it is nobody else's business and she was clearly devastated when he died so unexpectedly. Much as I wasn't a fan of Whiteley, they were clearly always great friends. I think she handled the interview with Frank Skinner really well, here.

Actually, as utterly loathesome as I find Ulrika, I have to confess that I do kind of agree with her on this one. After Whitely died, Vorderman was constantly telling us all endlessly how much she missed Richard; it seemed to be her raison d'etre for a while. I wouldn't have thought that his partner would want anyone to 'front' the grief. Ultimately, Carol wasn't his partner and she didn't need to wear sackcloth and ashes for several months to let us know about HER grief and how SHE was feeling.

That aside, Ulrika is a cow, but I do agree with her on this one.
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