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I think ALL celebrities are over exposed with TV interviewers asking their opinions on various things. Why? what makes then any different or more important than the ordinary man or woman on the street. Many have illusions of grandeur. They are what they are virtual nobodies of no importance.
But on the flip side are people who think being a celebrity automatically makes their opinion invalid or they can't know anything because they are famous. As you say, they are just like the rest of us. Everyday people shell out judgements and opinions every single day, but when a celebrity does it, they are told to be quiet and they shouldn't be judging. I've noticed this a lot with twitter. Every single day there are people who tell celebrities they are ugly, talentless, or whatever and people will talk about government, sports, and any and everything there is to have an opinion about, but if a celebrity is rude like everyone else or if they have an uncommon opinion it is world news and they get ridiculed for doing having an opinion just like everyone else.
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