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There's hardly any money in the music business for artists unless they write/produce their own songs. Obviously there's ticket sales, merchandise, commercials etc, but the actual artist comes out with very little in the end.

I remember an interview with someone out of S Club 7, who were huuuuge at the time, and had constant tours/clothing ranges/dolls/tv shows and they said they had only earned 7,000 during their entire time in the band.
Whilst I would agree they are probably not worth 15 mil yet but I do think they are wealthy young teenagers. There was an article by the head of Sony saying they are their most profitable part of the business and they employ a huge team just for them so there must be big money being earned otherwise they wouldn't employ the extra staff

ETA sorry forgot this was the blind thread and now we are way off topic.......soooooooooooo back on topic
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