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Erm yeah, and exactly how many salaries does Beckham have?

I hardly think you can compare a man who endorses dozens of products and gets paid for each of them with people who work hard for an average salary. What is that money to Beckham anyway? Not much on the grand scheme of things I'd imagine. It's free publicity for him, which is what he wants.
Giving to charity isn't about giving everything you have. He doesn't have to do that and neither does anyone else. It's about giving what you can. He feels that is an appropriate amount to give and who are you to say otherwise? Point is, he is doing something good, so why does it have to be criticism towards it.

Why don't you think he earned his money? I agree he makes ridiculous amounts of money, but he didn't get it illegally, so why does it matter? If corporations want to hand out buckets of money to athletes and singers, so be it. That's their prerogative. He could be buying another house with it, but he's deciding to help people with it. Why is that bad or not good enough?
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