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The biggest difference I experienced in regards to responses to applications was when I've sent a personalised letter or email - instead of a generic one. So not "I'd like to apply for the position of team-leader, please accept my CV"


"I'm really interested in the position of team-leader you advertised in the Gazette last week as it's exactly the sort of work I enjoy and your company seems very progressive" etc. Actually make it sound like you wrote a personal, just for them letter.

The difference was immediate in the responses I got - even when they turned me down, at least they actually bothered to let me know they turned me down.
100% agree with that.

It makes it look like you actually bothered to research the company first instead of as you say, just sending off the same generic letter to everything you apply for.

The cover letter is the first impression they get of you.

Hey i have some questions about jobseekers.

If you are sent a letter saying a "doubt has arisen" and a rapid re-claim form. Well when you take the rapid re-claim form to the jobcentre how long is it until your JSA money supposed to be given? I recently got a letter saying there was a doubt despite over the Christmas period having two forms to fill in and the first of the two being accepted. I got a text from the jobcentre saying my claim was accepted and i would be getting a written confirmation however i have not yet gotten any letter. Also there was no actual reason for the "doubt" as i was doing what they told me to do. I'd just like to know if anyone else has had this happen to them and what happened?

The jobcentre put me on this course at Pinnacle People on work programme (i think it is that) and others there have had the same thing happening and quite a lot too. These people are doing everything the jobcentre has told them as well but yet getting money stopped. Why?
I don't know for certain but what I would do in the first instance is call the Job Centre 0845 number and explain your situation to them.

Sounds a bit ominous them saying 'doubt has arisen' without telling you what it is.
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