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I wonder how many people on here have a bank account and assets like Beckham to fall back on, never mind the chance of earning that amount of money. You cannot compare ordinary people with multi-millionaires like him. It's not like he is sacrificing his all, is it? I'm sure Brand Beckham is already searching new endorsements and marketing tools to make up for his act of kindness.

I think the Beckhams love themselves so much, I doubt they would care what people said about them to be honest. Money and fame are the only things they bother about

Why he's gone to play in France, or anywhere at all is a bit of a puzzle to me. He's nearly 38 years old, he'll have to stop sometime, and as he's too dim to be a pundit, what will he do when he finally has to hang up his boots? The buff bod won't last forever for the undie shoots either.
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