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I haven't come across any majorly unexplainable plot holes, but it's not designed as a time travel film,

And I don't really know how to respond, because I felt sympathetic towards the characters (maybe you're heartless? ) and engrossed by the storyline. The acting was brilliant, especially from Joseph Gordon Levitt (who more than made up for his lacklustre performance in TDKR) and Bruce Willis.

Lots of people liked Inception (I've never seen it), maybe you're just difficult? (That was mean, but seeing as you dislike two of the more mainstream recent critical successes within the sci-fi genre I had to ask...)

I don't think the movie was forgettable at all, maybe the plot line was, but the film asks more than enough questions and presents more than enough ideas to prompt debates.

But this is all subjective, so you'll probably disregard everything I say, making this all rather pointless....
ALL timetravel films are riddled with plot holes, the problem is if they tried to completely explain the whole paradox situation, the film would be 12 hours long and boring as hell.

Consider this:

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