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I admit I don't pay that much attention to the Beckhams , but the odd time I've read about them , I couldn't understand the dislike they seem to generate , I see them as relatively harmless . but I digress.

So , DB has signed with a club in Paris and is donating his salary to charity and this seems to signify an ulterior motive.
I don't understand the problem , he's still going to have to play football for this salary isn't he ?
It may not be a big deal for him to donate money he doesn't need , but that isn't all he is donating is it ?
6 months work for no wage is still quite an admirable feat in my book , whether he can afford it or not.
I do so agree with your post, it is a good thing David is doing, whether you like him or not.

We talk about national treasures on DS, now David is definitely a national treasure.
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