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There were petitions on twitter that started about a year ago to get Five back together and he wrote a letter to one of the girls involved who had been running a Five website for about 15 years. It wasn't a particually polite letter from what i remember reading but quite sad too. The general gist was that he just didnt want to be famous anymore (this was just after Im a celeb) and he didn;t want to be associated with the band anymore and wanted the fan website taken down. The letter is probably floating around on google somewhere
Surprised they didn't cover 5ive's aborted comeback about 5 or so years ago too, back then it was getting a big build up in the media, they reportedly had Guy Chambers writing the songs...the official line was they failed to get a record deal and split up again, but seeing how relations are in the band on tonight's show you wonder if the truth was they'd had a massive row, or some members weren't mentally up to a comeback at that time.
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