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Thanks for the link, was a very interesting read. I knew most of the production side as I worked in it (in a very minor way, and not with stars), but I didnt know about the radio stuff.

Its amazing really when you think about it, she does nothing but picks songs she likes, and sometimes sort of sings on them, and then goes around singing them on shows and the radio.

I know it shouldnt, but I always feel the song is fake when I hear them. Take most of the garbage in the charts today, and a lot of it sounds like its just a production line of songs pumped out in order to make money. The odd single here and there is good, but most of the time its trash. Yet the "star" is seen as some sort of artists and visionary.

Its a double shame as lots of artists and bands do write there own stuff, yet they have no chance to compete when you trash stars like "Rihanna" simply have millions upon millions to push into songs.
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