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From CDAN:

B- list television actress wannabe who thinks way too highly of herself - "Hi Mariah. I'm a huge fan of yours. I totally know what it's like to have fans come up to you, but since we are both on television and both know how difficult fans can be and are in the same industry i thought it would be ok."

Mariah - "And you are?"

Wannabe - "I'm __________."

Mariah - "I don't know that name."

Wannabe - "I'm on _________ (so so network show)."

Mariah - "I've never seen it. Is it on cable?"

Wannabe - "No, it's on ____. I used to be on __________."

Mariah - "I have obviously heard of that. Just not you. Have a nice day."

The wannabe is now telling everyone how she and Mariah are great friends and share a special connection.
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