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I really despise the amount of cynicism some people give when someone actually does something good. Becks is a high profile sportsman and so it was inevitible the clauses of his contract would be made public in some way.

For all those saying that he's not actually parting with anything he has enough to retire and could just spend the time with his kids. The fact that he's not doing that plus giving the money to charity speaks measures about him. I think he's setting a fantastic example to his kids not to take anything for granted.

The people that are probably having a go at him were the same ones berating Gary Barlow despite all the Charity work publicised and unpublicised he's done. Stop being so damn cynical it's a shame more Celebrities can't be like this.
Yes, but how would you know if more celebrities are not like it? What, because they don't broadcast it? For all we know half or most prefer to give to charities anonymously without the fanfare or huge publicity.
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