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What I meant by 'front' was relative to the questions were obviously going to be asked about him and because she was so fond of him she was willing to talk openly about the gap he had left and how sad she felt. It was clearly her way of dealing with it. I don't think she was overtly parading her grief in an unsavoury way but more so in a loving and reflective way. Other people might have handled it differently and with more discussion..
Sorry, late edit. I meant 'discretion'. Ooops

I remember, too, when Ulrika did Celebrity Fame Academy. Didn't she have difficulty with some of her fellow participants (IIRC, there was a spat between her and Doon Mc Kechnie [sic?]) when the latter claim she had pushed her when they were gathering on the stage. She does seem to have issues with other women of a similar age.

I remember seeing Ulrika back in 1992 at the old TV-AM studio when I was there as an interviewee. She had absolutely nothing to do with the section I was in but she was so sweet and smiley towards my dad and I. Have had a bit of a soft spot for her ever since but it doesn't excuse bitchy behaviour and what's happened since is a bit of a disappointment tbh.
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