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Surely quoting Twitter ( or taking the pee out of "Splash") to get a laugh is scraping the barrel? The Africa section fell completely flat.
Aye, for years CB might have well has just lifted the unfunny obvious posts from the many even unfunnier Brooker wannabes on the internet for all his unoriginality in stating the obvious, that is his target audience anyway.

The show over Christmas should have been titled 'What unfunny people have been saying on internet forums over the year'

Turned off at the Twitter part, sneering at others for doing exactly the same thing himself. If only the twitter posts had the foresight to end with a 'F88K off' or added a blowing a raspberry whilst sticking up the 'Vs' smilie then it would have been so smart and clever.

At least TV Burp knew it was dumb.
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