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This is the best programme i've seen for a long time. I loved it, some of the lines were exceptional. Great social commentary runs through it also, that seems to go over a lot of peoples heads.

The only thing is i've seen two episodes now and ended up crying during both of them. I'm someone who very rarely ever cries so its weird to me how much power this show has over me. I never expected that to happen.

5 STARS ***** unmissable TV
Absolutely agree. RG did the same thing with the Office and Extras, just a few scenes that go right to your heart, and as you say it goes over so many peoples heads due to their pre-conceptions and desire to slag off RG at every turn.

The scene with Dougie and the toaster was brilliant. We have all this red tape wrapping up everything and making life so much more difficult and expensive, but there he was, just a bloke who knew how to wire a plug, doing it so that the old folks could have some toast.
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