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an old subject - but was just thinking.........

My kids are in a show at the moment and they singing reach for the Sky by S Club 7 - and I was struck by how fantastic Jo O'Meara's voice is..

Isn't it strange that Jade and Danielle are now forgiven and back in our papers - one of the arm of a Sultan and the other with her footballer boyfriend..

Why hasn't Jo been allowed to be rehabilitated when she was the only one of the three with any talent in the first place?

Is there one rule for the likes of Jade and Danielle and another for Jo?

Danielle was forgiven because she took her kit off for the Daily Star. Jade got forgiven by dying young. Jade worked really hard to apologise and make things right. I don't think she was being intentionally racist but she was rude and aggressive. She did have big problems with anger which she never had the chance to really conquer plus she was very, very dim in many ways.
Jo may have chosen to stay out of the limelight, maybe she realised she didn't want fame, so she didn't try.
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