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One of my business partners completed a course in London over a period of several months. Early on he came back one Monday morning to say that he had walked into a sandwich bar to find Hugh Grant standing in front of him. Grant ordered a turkey and pastrami sandwich. My friend, trying to feign he hand't even noticed Grant went brain dead when he was asked what he wanted and only came up with a turkey and pastrami sandwich. He got a very strange look from Hugh Grant.

Some weeks later he came back and said Hugh Grant almost ran him over in his Mercedes. Couldn't believe he had come across him again.

On the final day of his course the course organiser had arranged to take everyone out for a celebration at a private club he was a member of in London. They had all paid thousands (Dental implant course) it was the least he could do. My colleague enjoyed the hospitality and was quickly worse for wear. He went to the bar for a round and who should be standing next to him but Hugh Grant once again.

He turned to him and said 'F**k me not you again' and after explaining why said Hugh was niceness personified
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