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i gather he has been ill for years now. and its not surpriseing he has lung disease at all.
When mr briars was young it was thought to be a healthy thing to smoke (i kid yu not) and macho too as well. so you would look a weed at school if you did not smoke...
And yes smokeing will kill you ,it may not be tomorrow but one day...probabaly not in too distant future if you smoke more than 15 a day !
I remeber a very famous case that caused serious harm to the cigarette industry in the USA.
The marlborough man as he was known ,had a contract that he had to be seen in public smokeing a marlborough ciggy. Then his health was bad and they sack him . But he got the last laugh by sueing the makers of marlborough cigarettes and won his case. then the balloon went up and there was many smilar cases of cigarette companies being sured for hundreds of millions of dollars.
How anyone was stupid to believe that smokeing was good for you is beyond me..
Now i see australia is looking to banning smokeing cigs in public.
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