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Sensational revelations yes, but does that make them lies I agree the HM scenario was different, very different as HM was exposed as a liar, where as KP regarding these incidents never has been, so why tar her with the same brush as HM, by assuming she is lying, without the same damning evidence
Because she played the first hand in *exactly* the same game. Granted she had a CAN muzzle on her at the time so wasn't allowed to follow up with too many damning specifics but nevertheless I say they are two of a kind because I believe it to be so.

Back on topic, I love that classy old KK feels able to wade in with an opinion. It's lovely to see that her caring/sharing nature extends beyond offering free money (with free crippling interest rates) to a struggling population.

Although I consider KP to be a bottom feeder of the first order, it does disgust me to watch the vultures come flouncing out to pick over her carcass before her death rattle has stilled.

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