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i am subscriber to Top Up Tv and have been for many years now and have two dtrs from them in my house and I would hope they will be around for many years to come yet.They have faired better than On Digital /ITV Digital or Setanta Sports by comparison.It should stated that you can get Sky Sports etc without paying for it free on the internet there are lots of websites out there where you can watch them is the most obvious one .But why would any one would want to watch football all day and all week on tv is beyond my comprehension and pay to see it as well .
However I prefer FTA Satellite tv which I have as well and enjoy watching that more DTT.Perhaps shortly TopUpTV will be bought out buy the boss of Channel 5 or the owner of RT and maybe we would get a more clear and definitive answer to the long term plans for Top Up Tv.Though I would doubt this very much it would probably be bought and taken over with another organisation out there in the pay tv market BT or merge with Virgin Media which seems to be more likely long term remembering what happened to NTL AND TELEWEST and Virgin et al not so many years ago.
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