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Anyone in for a sweepstake as to when LJ dumps the non existant RS boy friend?
I reckon the MoS dreary article will be be about 17th Feb, three weeks after the alleged events.
Given that she can't remember what she has written from one week to the next, contradicts her Dreary regulary (no doubt due to her bordferline anorexia/borderline writing abilities/Borderline Personality Disorder), and assisted by her bottle of champagne at 4pm a day (tut, tut, LJ, do you know how many calories in a glass of fizz?) I reckon the writing is on the wall.

She has run of mileage with this story ( as he doesn't exist, so it's difficult to progress)
Feb 16th, Max.
Mid March till she starts moaning about her neighbours in Yorkshire. Max.

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