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Who is the guy she is hanging onto though??

None of the other celebs are with anyone, and I don't recognise him unles he is one of the crew.

Also, that talentless Cotton is desperately hanging on to the SCD lot. If he is on SCD next yeat I don't think could watch the series ...... a series with the Riley was bad enough.

I beg the BBC not to give this odious man, who is hated by viewers and a lot of his fellow 'actors', however it seems he's getting into bed with CRH 'right good 'un proper' though, metaphorically, I would hope. Look what it did for Riley, top marks even though she was a useless dancer, just because she is in a CRH show later this year.
Cotton would turn up if they were opening an envelope. A vile, nasty little man and his desperation for publicity knows no limits
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