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Nirps must already have been certified insane (and broke) to get with her in the first place. No, I was just messing - there is no man in her life, otherwise, after several years of her going on about having a famous RS for a boyfriend, it would have come out by now if there was a shred of truth in it. On planet Lizard, everything belongs to her; 'My village shop. My assistant Nic. My therapists. My estate agent. My bank manager. My house (rented, so its' not). My this, that and the other.' So, even though he's her ex, he still belongs to her. Nutter!
Hello my thread on my forum on my internet on my laptop!

Yes Jones displays a most obvious set of personality traits which clearly indicate a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Incurable probably.

I think Nirps was just using her when he married her, it didn't sound like they had any kind of connection whatsoever. How does she possibly even cling on to the memory of their relationship let alone call him 'my husband'? Sometimes I think she's trying to provoke him to a reaction. Fairplay and more power to him that he doesn't.

Oh, and it occurs to me that having a thread in 'showbiz' is really fuelling her narcissistic fire - could the thread not be moved to somewhere more appropriate?
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