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The fact is that she has lied about the alleged abuse .There is NO evidence to back up her claims.Not even one iota of evidence. I doubt even her husband believed her back in the day, knowing what a fantasist she is.
Anyway loving her column today criticising Posh and claiming her(Posh's) "chippy run" picture was faked. This from the woman renowned for tipping off the paps.She REALLY cannot get over Posh .So vindictive.
Then there is Peter Andre getting a mention of course. She says->

Here's another little Pricey survey I prepared earlier,on age gaps:
1. Freddie (Starr)-Sophie (his new wife)==39years.

2. Pete(my ex)-Emily ==16 years.

3. Pricey-Kieran(Kevin)==9 years.
So the age gap in my marriage isn't bad at all.

The woman is obsessed with Andre. Proof if ever it was needed she is seething at Andre having a pretty young thing on his arm. He isn't even married to the girl so her "survey" doesn't even make sense. Stupid thick woman seething with rage cannot formulate an intelligent thought.
She also delights in telling readers how good Kieran/Kevin is with "his magic wand" (her words). Yes Katie ,the nice gay gentleman he was (ahem)friendly with online told us that already dear.
What an idiot! Doesn't she realise that the reason people are slagging her marriage off is because she got married to a man she's known for all of five minutes, not because of their age gap?
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