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I think this is the time Katie said she was in talks for a film about her life, uhmmm, what happened to that one?
LOL! Is there enough material to fill a whole film? (Resisted the urge to write hole film). We know Peter has already had a full enough life to fill one autobiography already and star in a TV series about the next chapter, but Pwicey? How will the producers make the marriages look different? Will it be R rated with rude bits or really short? (Same dilemma facing producers of 50 Shades).

Then pontificates "Any man can fill a pram ,but it takes a real man to be a dad."
------The pricey lecturing on parenting !
THUMP ! <- jaw hitting floor.

She also lectures on hair care, finishing THAT with the comment "A tragic situation lurks beneath my extensions".
Yes dear. And it is called Katie Price.
Yes, she would love a man who could fill a pram.

And please, she really ought to ask a grown up what "tragic" means before using words like that. Geldorf or Bono might be able to help, though they might be busy that day.
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