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Yes that pretty much finishes off Top Up TV and I assume they won't be putting BT Sports in it's place for TUTV?

I suspect they may close after investing all in the Anytime service. They could revert back to the old linear style service and launch on the old boxes and maybe introduce some new ones?

Aside from Sky channels as that won't happen. The best they could offer if they bought the two BT slots would be maybe something like this:

Slot 1:

Boomerang 6am - 9am
Watch 9am - 6pm
TCM - 6pm - 5am

Slot 2:

Cartoon Network 6am - 9am
MTV 9am - 4pm
Comedy Central 4pm - 6am

Slot 3:

Fox News 6am - 9am
Universal Channel 9am - 6pm
Fox 6pm - 6am

Slot 4:

6am - 4pm - Discovery Channel
4pm - 6am GOLD

That would be 11 channels time shared and offer something different to Freeview but could it hold off any new Freeview launches or future HD? Assuming they opted to bid for an HD channel they could do this:

9am - 4pm - Watch HD
4pm - 6pm MTV HD
6pm - 11pm FOX HD
11pm - 6am - TCM HD
Doubt it will happen and if it does it won't be Fox! Maybe Bloomberg and Comedy Central.
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