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Beckham needs to remember where the knighthood he desperately craves would possibly come from.

I suppose when you up sticks so often for possible tax reasons and where your wife can flog her gear/find her new BFFs, it must be easy to forget England...
I don't if its your intention, but you come across as really bitter.

Its a shame that someone can't do something like this without being subjected to rants like this. So what if he is loaded, so what if him and his wife ave created a brand that will keep them comfortable for the rest of their life. This is not the only thing Beckham has done for charity, and he is always supporting charities in the UK, and America, and now paris, I am sure he has many more that we don't know about.

The comment about the knighthood is funny, relations between France and UK have always been good, you think the queen only notices what happens in her own country!
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