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I've always thought Beckham gets way more stick than he deserves.

Throughout his career, he's always seemed quite private, and never that keen or comfortable with the celebrity side of it. Sure he's often in the public eye, but rarely in a bad way.

And, perhaps more than most footballers these days, he's always seemed a great ambassador for the game and sport generally.

I hate the way when people do something like this, people are queuing up to have a go at them, about it not being selfless. At least their doing it.

And what does he get out of really? Publicity? Like he needs publicity any more than he needs the money?

Whether Victoria drove it or not, he was anything BUT private in the early days... Constant centrespreads in OK, the wedding pics, the TV documentaries.... Say what you like about Beckham but he is anything but private.. You don't get to his level of fame by keeping yourself to yourself. Sure, VB probably orchestrated a lot of the publicity but to say he is private is, IMHO, completely wrong.
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